Story 6 Comprehensive Review

Resolution of Sixth Clinical Simulation

Take-home Message

Andragogical approach to patient care

(Fictional narrative by the doctor)

James Fleck, MD, PhD: Anticancerweb 13 (10), 2020

Alex, a 29-year-old publicist, came to my office asking for medical care according to an andragogical model, widely used in adult education. He requested a tutorial, seeking to better understand the medical language, which would lead to a closer patient-physician relationship. The tutorial was just an instrument to achieve his goals. It allowed Alex to actively interact in assessing the risks and benefits of all proposed interventions.

Gradually, Alex established a strong relationship of trust with me and fully exercised informed consent. The andragogical approach emphasized self-determination, objectivity and commitment in solving his life crisis. He expressed focus, courage and persistence.

Meanwhile, I felt promoted.

Finally, I realized that the coach's idea was a model to be pursued in health care. The approach covered technical, educational and emotional issues. The work required a bilateral commitment, returning a feeling of personal gratification.

Alex's motivation was contagious. He wanted to live, recover his health and rebuild his life. His wife shared the same expectations. They were looking in the same direction, expressing themselves with exceptional harmony. They shared all the challenges and decisions. They projected a favorable outcome and made every effort to achieve it. The couple were emotionally healthy, which contributed to a good relationship. I felt that my interventions were enhanced by the couple's favorable expectations. Despite the strong emotional appeal, I kept my rationality and neutrality, without abandoning the human dimension of the interaction.

This clinical simulation brings in its essence the ability to create stable bonds of trust. This behavior was expressed throughout the story.

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